Little Lady Foods. A nationally recognized custom frozen items manufacturer.

You imagine it. Together, we create it.

At Little Lady Foods, our success as a custom frozen items manufacturer comes from our unique ability to create just about anything that can be created with “flour, water & quality ingredients.” From stonefired flatbreads, to paninis and wraps to enrobed hand-held items and sandwiches. We’ll even add a variety of different fillings in profiles from savory to sweet to fit all dayparts. It all results from a custom frozen items manufacturer committed to out-of-the-box thinking, unlimited creativity and chefs with unparalleled experience and talent.

From there, a lot of hard work, amazing insights and category knowledge come together to become successful products for your brand.

ARTISAN STROMBOLI—Hand Held Perfection! Little Lady Foods has developed unique, raw dough stromboli in a variety of shapes and sizes with flavored, pillowy dough, hand layered with an array of delicious fillings inside. They are perfect solution for all day parts. Click Here