Little Lady Foods. A frozen food supplier of the latest on-trend items.

Imagining the finished artwork well before the first brushstroke.

As a leading custom frozen food supplier, Little Lady Foods works in conjunction with several research sources enabling us
to bring the latest in consumer insights to the table.

As we develop your custom food product concepts, we refer to the following research:

  • The latest trends in flavor profiles
  • Current restaurant flavor offerings
  • Vegetarian and flexitarian influences
  • The trend toward natural ingredients
  • The latest cheese trends including sandwiches
  • Top trending sandwich meats and toppings
  • Popular sauces and seasonings
  • On-trend breads and sandwich preparations

Whenever foodservice leads, retail is sure to follow.

As a leading custom frozen foods supplier, Little Lady Foods knows the latest trends in the foodservice industry are also leading indicators for new retail food products. Little Lady Foods continually monitors the latest in restaurant menus to identify opportunities for our customers long before our competitors can.